Serenity Playout

A Virtualized broadcast playout system that is more than a “Channel in a box”. It is based on IP, virtual, scalable and runs on servers or in the cloud.

Serenity Playout

Serenity is a virtual Broadcast Playout System that makes the transition into the IP world smooth and seamless. Serenity is more than just a “channel in a box”. It is virtual, scalable and runs on servers or in the cloud.

Great news for anyone planning or operating Playout Centers, Broadcast Solutions presents the next generation of playout systems – Serenity. With Serenity the transition into IP is seamless and smooth.


Serenity Playout is designed to run in a virtualized environment and it uses latest virtualization technologies. It runs on virtual host servers by design but it can also run on standard hardware. It is a new software approach of multichannel broadcast playout systems.

Software Defined Broadcast

Serenity’s approach is a software defined broadcast solution with no need for SDI infrastructure. As a result, a complete and fully-featured playout system can be built on regular IT infrastructure. Without SDI signals and cables, the architecture of the playout system will be simple, scalable and very flexible. Although Serenity does not need SDI, the system can have optional SDI input and output ports to be compatible with current systems.


Serenity can be used as a Single Channel Playout or grow to form a complex Cloud Based Playout System. Adding new channels to a live system is very simple, just start and configure a new Virtual Machine, then the system is ready to play.

Cost Effective

Introducing Serenity in Playouts simplifies installation and operation at the same time as scalability and flexibility increases. A virtual system without need for SDI components and a simple system architecture dramatically reduces investment and operational costs.


Serenity comes with the following user GUIs

Serenity Desktop Client

The user interface that operators use every day. It can control and monitor single or multiple Serenity Playout Server engines on a simple and intuitive user interface. All control functions are available here and small viewer windows help operators by displaying live channel outputs.

Serenity Web Client

A simple and easy-to-start user interface that does not require any software installation as it uses a standard web browser instead. From the web browser the operator can connect to the Serenity Server through Intranet or even through Internet. Serenity Web Client has only basic functionality and is mainly designed for monitoring and for admin tasks. It works on devices that can run a web browser, for example iOS and Android tablets and smart phones.

Serenity Multiviewer

The flexibility of Serenity Playout enables the customer to use it from single channel playout to multichannel playout. As the name of Multiviewer application suggests, it displays the output of multiple Serenity Playout channels in a multichannel playout system.

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