For the next edition of its successful Broadcast Innovation Days event series, the German systems integrator Broadcast Solutions GmbH will join forces with SVG Europe to present the latest innovations in the business of live TV production. The one-day event again takes place at the company’s headquarters in Bingen, Germany on June 1, and will comprise an exhibition area, panel discussions, lectures and several OB vans under construction.

In January 2017 Swiss Broadcaster Radio Radiotelevisione Svizzera (RSI) received a new Super Slow Motion Van, delivered by Broadcast Solutions GmbH. As part of an ongoing modernization process towards HD the new vehicle replaces a legacy van. Based on a Volkswagen T6 Van the vehicle is used for covering football and ice hockey events with slow motion and super slow motion cameras. The van will be working together with larger OB Vans from RSI to increase production possibilities. Radiotelevisione Svizzera (RSI), part of the company SRG SSR, is a broadcasting company based in Lugano, Switzerland. RSI is responsible for the “Rete” radio programs (Rete Uno, Rete Due and Rete Tre) and two TV programs (La1, La2). Their information and entertainment content have a reach of about 650,000 Italian speaking people in Switzerland.

With a recent software update adds a new feature to its videoReferee® judging system for displaying scoreboard data during replay. In order to make the scoreboard available to the judges a selected portion of the scoreboard can be included as a Picture In Picture (PIP) during search and playback. This image can be selected from any recording channel containing the scoreboard or from a separate channel dedicated to scoreboard recording. VideoReferee®, which was recently used as the main video judging system during the IHF 2017 Handball World Championships in France, again adds an important feature following the demands of the video judges. 

The end of 2016 saw a spectacular new OB Van hitting the roads of South Korea. Broadcaster SBS brought into service its UHD 1 OB Van. Conceived and built by German System Integrator Broadcast Solutions GmbH, the OB Van is the first ever 12G-SDI UHD single link production vehicle to date. UHD 1 is based on a new Streamline variant, called Alphaline, which comes with special workplace design, room concept and with reduced length in order to cope with the special conditions of South Korean roads. The OB works with up to 12 4K/UHD cameras on the basis of 12G-SDI UHD Single Link and offers sufficient 3G-SDI Quad Link gateways for monitoring purposes. 


The 2017 IHF Men’s Handball World Championships in France will probably be the fairest competitions ever when it comes to referee decisions. During the World Championships German System Integration Company Broadcast Solutions GmbH provides the technology for the video support of the referees with several videoReferee® systems. Together with technology provider, all of the competition venues are equipped with the VideoReferee ® video judging systems with support by Broadcast Solutions during the tournament.


As of January 2017 David Lois is appointed new Sales Manager Broadcast Products for German System Integrator Broadcast Solutions GmbH. With David Lois joining the company Broadcast Solutions will increase the market share of the existing products within the products portfolio and - in an ongoing process – will add new products to the division. By doing so, Broadcast Solutions will go on to establish the company as a full-service Broadcast solutions provider. In order to take care for the increasing demand for and number of products and to further foster the division David Lois takes care of all Sales. He reports directly to Product Sales Director Antti Laurila.